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Remanufactured, Rebuilt & Crate Diesel Engines

Accurate Engines has been providing top quality rebuilt & remanufactured engines to warranty companies, dealerships, local auto repair shops and directly to vehicle owners for more than 30 years! In that time we’ve successfully provided over 35,000 rebuilt engines to satisfied customers. We have the expertise and equipment to rebuild all brands of diesel engines. All of our motors are considered ZERO mile units and are all covered for 100,000 Miles – A No Time Limit, Nationwide Warranty!

All Accurate Engines Diesel Engines Include:

  • Reman assembly, long block (drop in motor available)
  • All new interior components
  • Latest design of hyperutectic pistons are utilized
  • Cylinder head is remannned to include Brand new injector cups
  • Performed by Licensed Mechanics
  • All diesel engines are built to the strictest industry standards

Diesel Engines for Sale

6.0L Ford Diesel
6.4 Ford Diesel
6.5L Chevy Turbo Diesel – Long Block
6.6 Duramax GM Diesel
7.3L Ford Turbo Powerstroke Diesel
2.7 Sprinter (Mercedes Benz) Diesel