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Engine Installation

25 Engine Installation Bays & 5 Full-time Engine Installers

  • All engine installations are performed by state licensed mechanics.
  • Each mechanic focuses on a specific make of vehicle, making him uniquely expert in his field.
  • High engine replacement experience by our mechanics ensures a quality engine installation after proper removal.
  • Quick turnaround time on engine replacement.
  • All of Accurate Engines rebuilt engines have a 100,000 mile warranty.

Engine Installation Instructions - Engine Services

Important Information for your Engine

WARNING: Failure to Read the Following Could Result In a Voided Warranty

In order to help protect your remanufactured engine investment you purchased with Accurate Engines, there are some things to consider prior to installing the engine:

  • Accurate Engines recommends that a new water pump be installed as well as spark plugs and wires
  • Make sure all parts are clean from any harmful material that may cause engine failure
  • Please inspect that the engine received is, in fact, the correct one ordered. Accurate Engines will not be responsible for removal or re-installation cost.
  • Make sure engines are turned in the correct direction before installation

All our remanufactured engines are shipped out with heat tabs. Please advise owners or drivers that in the event the car starts overheating they want to stop driving it and avoid further overheating as this may result in a voided warranty.

Complimentary Gasket Set

Enclosed with your remanufactured engine is a complimentary gasket set.

Accurate Engines provides our customers with a gasket set as a courtesy. We are not responsible and will not warranty any repairs needed due to leaks, engine malfunctions or poor installation associated with the gasket set provided. We will not replace gaskets damaged during installation.

Plenum/Intake Manifold

Please make sure that you clean the plenum properly before re-installation. If the remanufactured engine is re-installed and the plenum contaminates the engine, we will not warranty any engine failure. Metal and other debris can become lodged in the plenum and come loose again upon re-installation.

Engine Tags

Your Remanufactured Engine will come with tags as applicable. These three tags ensure engine safety and caution when installing the remanufactured engine. Please read carefully. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Engine Installation - Accurate Engines



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